Explosion-proof Electric hoist

Explosion-proof Electric hoist
Explosion-proof Electric hoist

Explosion-proof electric hoist is a new explosion-proof standard design and manufacture of explosion-proof lifting equipment, its explosion-proof form of "explosion-proof", the gourd's exposed explosion-proof parts using a special spark-free material in return, explosion-proof type can be safe and reliable products through the Ministry of Machinery industry explosion-proof electrical products quality supervision and inspection center of the explosion-proof performance testing, And issued an explosion-proof certificate.

Explosion-proof electric hoist is a light and small lifting equipment, explosion-proof electric hoist light weight, small size, large lifting capacity, when the plant is filled with explosive mixture, in the premise of ensuring safety is to improve labor conditions, improve labor productivity of the beneficial tools, is the production of necessary machinery and equipment.

Explosion-proof electric hoist structure characteristics:

1, explosion-proof electric dipole is composed of several parts can be opened separately, the use, maintenance and overhaul is very convenient, and can shorten the overhaul cycle;

2, its explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof control box is a separate FLAMEPROOF structure, control button, limit switch, explosion-proof weight limiter are in line with the corresponding explosion-proof requirements;

3, the general degree of spare parts is large, interchangeability is strong;

4. The Reducer adopts standard modular cylindrical gears for easy maintenance.

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