Electric track Car

Electric track Car
Electric track Car

Product Name: Electric track car

Maintenance and maintenance:

1, the daily maintenance to clean, fastening, adjustment, lubrication-oriented, so that the vehicle to maintain a good working condition;

2, comprehensive inspection, adjustment, lubrication, and exclude abnormal state for the content of the regular inspection work;

3, for the newly-made or after the overhaul of heavy-duty electric rail vehicles, must carry out the maintenance period, with seasonal temperature changes, also need to carry out seasonal maintenance, to ensure its normal use;

4, electric track car every two regular maintenance mileage (3000-4000km) or driving full year, must be related to the axle for a flaw inspection;

5, the track flat car repair is divided into minor repairs, Xiangxiu, overhaul three kinds of repair process. Bureau should be repaired according to the stipulated mileage, and shall not be used for extended use.