Scissor Type Lift

Scissor Type Lift
Scissor Type Lift

Product Name: Scissor Type Elevator

Shear Fork Type Elevator building different floors of cargo movements, fast up and down, large items transported to each floor.

Product Advantages:

1, platform protection: Guardrail type, protection network type;

2, Platform Mesa: NON-SLIP pattern plate, steel plate;

3, platform door: Hanging chain type, off-type;

4, so that the lifting table to run more stable guide wheel, guide;

5, the trip switch, the middle set of electrical appliances with advanced manufacturers to produce products;

6, convenient maintenance of external power unit;

7, Shear fork arm using high-strength Manganese steel: High strength, not deformation, to ensure long-term use of safety;

8, convenient operation of the various aspects of the control of multiple points;

9, power failure with emergency drop device.