Cross-lift platform

Cross-lift platform
Cross-lift platform

Cross-lift platform is mainly used for manned high-altitude maintenance, maintenance, replacement of objects, maintenance, cleaning, sets and so on.

Product Advantages:

1, 3-23 meters height arbitrary configuration of various types of highly customizable, multi-purpose;

2, Power configuration: Direct communication dual-use, hand power, 220V power;

3, High-strength aluminum alloy, high-grade and durable;

4, chrome-plated high-strength piston rod, permanent deformation;

5, four anti-wear polyester wheel, strong bird;

6, light weight, easy to move equipment, single push, no traction.

Product configuration:

1, one guardrail, convenient loading and unloading;

2, the general term materials for steel castings;

3. High quality sealing parts;

4, with the release of the pipeline rupture valve, once the rupture, automatic shutdown, locking platform high-speed position.