Double Cross Lifting platform

Double Cross Lifting platform
Double Cross Lifting platform

Double-cross lifting platform is suitable for cargo handling of warehouses, workshops and automobiles and containers, no need to set up pallet, steel frame, etc., directly from the ground up loading and unloading, professional design of the activities of the Board can be smooth lap, forklift, manual hydraulic forklift can be convenient and smooth loading and unloading operations, the plate torsion spring balance action to make the operation easy and comfortable, Job finished platform and ground formation of the freight elevator, does not occupy the ground space, does not affect the passage.

Double-cross lifting platform is mainly in line with forklifts, trucks, from the container or various types of goods vehicles rapid bulk loading and unloading needs.

Double-cross lifting platform is safe, stable, fast, heavy load, adapt to high frequency continuous operation, with protection, overload of the security hydraulic system.

Advantages of Double Cross lifting platform:

1, safe, smooth, fast, heavy load;

2, equipped with protection, overload of the safety of hydraulic system (optional);

3, adapt to high frequency continuous operation;

4, High-strength manganese steel shear fork arm, high strength, hardness, permanent deformation;

5, chrome-plated high-strength piston rod, permanent deformation, long service life;

6, Platform table: Non-slip pattern plate, steel plate, drum, rotation, can be inclined to arbitrary customization;

7, power failure with emergency drop device;

8. It can be added with safety guardrail.