Lift cargo elevator

Lift cargo elevator
Lift cargo elevator

Lift freight elevators with channel or square tube welded into the four main vertical guide rail column, the use of hydraulic jacking form, the hydraulic cylinder mounted on the middle of the two rails, two-cylinder jacking to achieve a balanced rise, the hydraulic cylinder lift and cargo The guide frame rolls through the rollers in the guide rail, and the oil cylinder expands and contracts to drive the chain and the wire rope to lift the goods.

According to different installation conditions, to enhance the height and speed, divided into 1: 2, 1: 3, 1: 4 and other speed ratio to complete the lifting task.

Elevator goods elevator is mainly used for warehousing, logistics multi-storey factory floor between the different goods transport, carrying capacity, large up to 30 tons, stable and reliable lift, is an affordable alternative to the elevator between the ideal cargo conveyor equipment, according to the lift Taiwan's installation environment and the use of requirements, choose a different optional configuration, can achieve better results.

Lift cargo lift Features:

1, the upper part of the hoistway without the engine room, side-mounted double hydraulic cylinder, external hydraulic station easy maintenance;

2, the control is flexible and convenient, all floors and lifts table can be set to manipulate buttons to achieve more control, but also can be configured according to digital control system;

3, installation, modification and maintenance easy, all parts of the installation of roller bearings, good guidance, wheel wear;

4, Flexible and easy to manufacture, it can flexibly determine the size of the table according to the site conditions. It can also make use of the original space of freight elevators. The structure of the product is solid, with a large carrying capacity, stable lifting and simple installation and maintenance.

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