Hydraulic Guide Type Lift Elevator

Hydraulic Guide Type Lift Elevator
Hydraulic Guide Type Lift Elevator

Hydraulic guide Elevator is mainly used in the upper floors of the cargo transport, mainly used in the light weight, table size requirements relatively small environment, carrying 1-3 tons, 1-25 meters higher height, hydraulic guide Elevator lift High height, the use of side-mounted oil cylinder, smooth operation, low noise, easy maintenance, long service life.

Hydraulic Guide Elevator Product Features:

1, when the power outage, can use manual emergency drop, safe, convenient, fast, use;

2, the depth of the pit is generally 15cm-30cm, the top level is not limited, can be customized according to the site environment;

3, suitable for 2-3-storey steel structure or concrete plant, both inside and outside can be used;

4, the use of special elevator flat-layer Permanent magnet switch, flat layer effect is good;

5. Chain or wire rope break protection device;

6, the distance between heavy load and no-load is small, the level of high precision, easy to adjust;

7, the use of standard elevator Control Board, LCD display summon box, related wiring harness and connectors. Beautiful appearance, easy to operate, visual display of the car's floor location, wiring harness using connector connection, control has automatic and manual control;

8, selection of rolling guide boots, high precision, abrasion resistance, smooth take-off and landing.