How to repair the electromagnetic sucker when it is in trouble

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-11-15

Long-time UseElectromagnetic sucker, will inevitably appear some faults, but some small fault we can repair ourselves, the larger fault Taurus need to return to the factory maintenance, then the fault of the electromagnetic sucker back to the factory, the workers are how to repair the master?

1, first use the Low-voltage pen change the switch of electromagnetic sucker, see if there is a phase of disconnection or bad contact, such as to detect the line end of the electromagnetic sucker should be promptly connected, the place of contact should be reconnected to the connector;

2, the use of low pressure pen measuring electromagnetic suction cups of the lathe screw insurance under the pile head, check if the line in the insurance fuse, the phase insurance is generally not connected to the control loop of the two-phase 380v power supply, fuse need to replace insurance;

3, open the contact device of electromagnetic sucker to extinguish the arc lid, need to disconnect the switch, disconnect the power of the case, the artificial contactor closed, detect is which electric shock line contact, should replace the dynamic, static contact point;

4, in the case of disconnecting the power of the machine, check the main power cord from the electromagnetic sucker contactor under the pile head to access the motor wiring rack, find out which power source is burned and reconnect power;

5, open the electromagnetic suction cup to check the wire connection head is which one of the burning, after detection to use the wire to reconnect, lead wire.

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