Explosion-proof electric hoist mainly used in special occasions

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-11-24

Explosion-proof electric hoist is a kind of equipment used in special environment, it is a type of electric hoist used in special occasions. In the explosion-proof electric hoist, it has three-level and four-level explosion-proof points, and for different explosion-proof grades have different application range.

Explosion-proof electric hoist shell and each component is a special material design, explosion-proof electric hoist reducer using standard modular cylindrical gears for easy maintenance.

Explosion-proof electric hoist applicable to all levels of the occasion: it is applicable to Ⅰ-type explosion-proof mining working face site and applicable to Ⅱ class explosion-proof with Ⅱa, Ⅱb, Ⅱc class, temperature group is T1-T4 groups of combustible gas or steam, and air composition of explosive gas mixtures.

The working environment temperature is -25℃~40℃ and suitable for indoor use. When used outdoors, you need to install a protective device. The explosion-proof electric hoist is composed of several parts which can be disassembled separately, it is convenient to use, maintain and overhaul, and can shorten the overhaul period. And its explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof control box is a separate explosion-proof structure. Control button, limit switch, explosion-proof weight limiter are in line with the corresponding explosion-proof requirements.

Explosion-proof electric hoist in the process of use, its components are very versatile, and has a high interchangeability.