Safety rules for cantilever cranes

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-11-24

Cantilever hoisting when lifting the project requires heavy weight, high installation height, amplitude change large lifting operations, it can be based on the current mechanical situation, the choice of crawler or tires are cantilever crane, if the ground is soft, the form conditions are poor, then the crawler-type cantilever crane is more suitable.

If the ground within the scope of the operation does not allow damage, the use of tire-type cantilever crane is more appropriate. Safety rules for cantilever hoists:

1, the operator should be trained and assessed qualified, to obtain operational qualifications of the personnel to operate the cantilever crane;

2, operators should be familiar with the structure of the crane, performance, operation methods, strictly prohibit the use of overload;

3, before the use of false police to confirm the Start button is in the stop position, the electrical appliances, mechanical parts are safe and easy to use;

4, the lifting of the workpiece before, to start empty, carry out the air load operation, and check the following items:

The ① button can reliably control the hoist's lifting and running;

② running when there is no abnormal sound and odor;

③ wire rope can be properly wound on the reel.

The above is the suspension of all the contents of the hanging arm, the safety of the hanging crane operating procedures and lifting the weight of the project for everyone to introduce here, I hope to help you.

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