Cause analysis of abnormal sound in elevator

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-11-24

Any mechanical equipment after a period of use, more or less will have some trouble. Lift elevator Under normal circumstances, there are three reasons for it to appear abnormal voice: lifting overload, motor fixed bolts loose, slider, lubricating oil is not enough, should check the lifting weight, according to the specific circumstances tighten bolts or lubricants, non-lifting failure solution: Oil in the air, exhaust screw loosened, after the exhaust tightening.

Hydraulic oil solidification: Draining hydraulic oil, filling qualified hydraulic oil;

Hydraulic Oil leakage: Check all parts are tightened, oil cylinder oil seal deformation, warping;

Motor flip: The wiring diagram of the motor is in control state, the wiring is correct, or you can exchange two lines

The motor cannot rotate: The motor is broken, the insurance is broken, the limit switch is broken, and the limit switch is changed;

Freight elevator appears outside oil: can check whether the connection is loose, the cylinder top exhaust valve is loose, oil cylinder seal oil leakage, whether ventilation hole drainage and excessive oil.

If you check the above situation is not resolved, then the need and manufacturers timely contact repair, lift the elevator can not work, to avoid causing greater loss.

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