Cross platform for its own advantages a wide range of applications

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Cross-lift platform is mainly suitable for manned aerial work overhaul, maintenance, replacement items, maintenance, cleaning, scenery and so on.

Cross-platform lifting platform product advantages:

1,3-23 meters height can be configured for all types of highly customized, use more;

2, power configuration: AC and DC, hand power, 220V power supply;

3, high-strength aluminum alloy, high-grade durable;

4, four anti-wear polyester wheels, solid and durable;

5, its own light weight, easy to move equipment, single push, without traction;

6, chassis using advanced technology production;

7, chrome-plated high-strength piston rod, permanent deformation.

Product configuration:

1, one guardrail, loading and unloading convenient;

2, assembly materials for steel castings;

3, high-quality seals

4, with the release of pipeline rupture valve, once ruptured, automatically shut down, lock the platform height position;

5, O-ring using advanced technology manufacturers.

The above introduced the advantages and configuration of cross-platform lifting products, the following we talk about its use of places:

Municipal administration, building layout, residential property, tree maintenance, mining, factories, electrical lines, highways, railways, airports, by the power, post and telecommunications, hotels, halls, halls, decoration, medicine, chemical, military, nuclear power, aerospace , Photography, fire fighting, gymnasium, supporting cleaning companies.

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