The use of electric flat car is very convenient and quick

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-12-19

Electric flat car is a kind of electric rail transit cross-over equipment, large tonnage load can also be precise and automated operation, the track generally I-shaped surface contact track, smooth start and stop drive, uniform speed.

After the dustproof and explosion-proof treatment, the environment adaptability is particularly strong, the structure design is accurate, the service life is long, easy to clean and maintain, suitable for point-to-point, fixed distance, fixed route frequent reciprocating transportation use.

Electric flat car can be a smooth transport of high temperature liquid steel plant, countertops refractory material to do high temperature treatment, at the same time can increase the automatic rotation, lifting and other functions.

Due to the different specifications of the goods to be transported, the structural material of "U" V "" C "" W "type can be selected for the circular coil material such as aluminum coil, aluminum bar and color coil. This ensures that the goods are not easy to roll during transportation, Lifting mechanism, hydraulic system to achieve flip and upgrade functions.

Heavy equipment transport series flat car on the large engine test bench, transformer drying equipment, vacuum equipment, such as transformer weight reached 300 tons of cargo transport, start and stop without shaking steadily.

Aircraft manufacturers floor transport installation features vertical and horizontal forms of transport equipment, rail transport series flat car program control the form of precise speed stop.

Due to site restrictions can not be used to curve the way the two days adjacent production line rail transport flat car series can be achieved through the rotating disk 360-degree track change, infrared detection and ranging control.