Safety measures should be done in the operation of cantilever crane

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-01-25

Cantilever Crane is an important construction and development of China's machinery and equipment, the design is more reasonable, compact structure, small footprint, high operating efficiency, but the operation of cantilever crane to do a good job of safety measures is very critical, we should also strengthen safety awareness.

1, cantilever crane operators must have a professional knowledge of skills, must be licensed, induction, to take a good helmet, wear the appropriate clothing, excellent seatbelt, pay attention to safety;

2, the operation of hoisting, must have a professional lifting equipment hoisting, and need to be based on the cantilever Crane's own load selection of the appropriate crane;

3, staff and other personnel can not stand under the hanging objects, to avoid heavy falls hurt people;

4, hoisting the use of the wire rope can not have broken wire, kink, broken stock and so on, must be based on the weight of the selection of steel wire rope, to ensure the normal safety of the use of wire rope.

5, cantilever crane installation should be correct, reasonable operation, regular inspection of cantilever crane is worn, cracked place, once found to repair or replace parts in a timely manner.

The above is the cantilever crane in the operation of the need for good safety measures, I hope to help.