Daily maintenance of electric flat car check which items

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-03-07

Electric flat car is a new era of products, its use, reduce the work intensity of the labor force, is a popular product.

The use of electric flat car must pay attention to the items are:

1, to ensure that the electric flat car does not overload electric flat car according to the load weight design, the actual load is greater than the marked load, occasional overload operation is possible, but for the service life of the equipment do not overload operation;

2, to ensure that the track and the debris side of the track, when the scene is chaotic, easy to cause accidents, clearly marked electric car aisle and channel, to ensure that no debris on the track, the impact of the normal operation of electric flat car, to ensure that the stent, channel entrance, shelf, the corner of adequate clearance, the work flow in the dense point of monitoring, to ensure adequate space.

The items that need to be inspected regularly during the use of electric flat cars are:

1. Whether the frame axle is loose;

2, each part bolts whether loose;

3, whether the pulley is skewed, the belt in the release of the motor bottom foot bolts with tension screw adjustment, can be driven and fixed load can be, not too tight;

4, shoulder pole bearing seat, reducer bearing cover should be equipped with grease, especially the seal of the head of the tank, should be full of grease, conductive device conductive frame should add grease;

5, four-wheel away from the ground, with the hand to rotate the motor, the active wheel corresponding to the flexible rotation, with the hand rotation from the gear, from the wheel pair can also be flexible rotation;

6, the speed reducer in winter with 20th gear oil, 30th gear oil in summer, oil level should be correct;

7. Low voltage power supply flat car, wheel and body, friction block and body insulation resistance is not less than 0.5mω;

8, Low-voltage power supply flat car conductive device guide pillar in the Guide frame should be able to flexible take-off and landing.

The above is the electric flat car routine maintenance inspection project, want to know more detailed consultation, welcome to call in detail.