Analysis on the causes of tilt of lift elevator

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-01-29

Lift elevator is a very wide use of high-altitude take-off and landing equipment, but many small lift elevator manufacturers production of the lift elevator tilt more serious, there are serious security risks, aerial work equipment security can be directly high-altitude workers safety, the following by the Norway machinery manufacturers for you to introduce.

The three main reasons for the tilt of the elevator:

1. Improper operation. Lift the legs of the freight elevator must be supported on the solid ground, supporting the legs must pay attention to ensure that the base level does not tilt, because the height of the lift elevator is relatively high, small tilt will be magnified, resulting in the tilt of the freight elevator is too large, affecting the safety of lifting platform;

2. Tilt the chassis. Some small manufacturers, lack of high-precision cast iron platforms, manual welding method to control the processing level of the chassis, the human eye is difficult to control precision, and the quality is very unstable, Norway machinery using high-precision cast iron platform, elevator chassis production of all the high precision cast iron platform to complete, effectively guarantee the level of the chassis problem;

3, the elevator elevator's support rod hole spacing is inconsistent. Many freight elevator manufacturers in order to save money, do not buy hole distance positioning device, relying on the experience of workers to control the hole distance, resulting in the hole spacing is inconsistent, fixed lift elevator in the take-off and landing process in a serious tilt;

Lift elevator is aerial work equipment, in order to ensure the safety of high-altitude workers, select fixed lift, should choose a professional manufacturer to ensure product quality.