Double girder hook after service is guaranteed

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-03-14

Double-beam hook is our main products, our product quality, low prices, welcome the need for customer calls in detail.

We provide the double beam hook products Technical services and after-sales service, make the following commitments, please supervise the implementation:

1, our strong technical force, by senior Technical engineers formed a technical services department, if you accept our bid, I will give free technical support and a full range of technical services;

2, our company to users how to use products for free training, and to provide users with product use, maintenance, maintenance and other aspects of technical information;

3, the completion of the contract stipulated in the product technical specification conditions of the clear product liability, fully meet the needs of users;

4, my unit regularly to the demand-side on-site quality inspection, timely resolution of the relevant technical issues;

5, for non-supplier liability caused by equipment damage, we give priority to the provision of spare parts and repair obligations;

6, in the product shelf life, due to our manufacturing product quality problems, by our free Fu fu repair or replacement, and life-long tracking service;

7, our preferential long-term provision of equipment vulnerable parts supply obligations;

8, equipment such as the occurrence of quality problems, timely resolution of problems;

Division I set up a dedicated after-sales service team and after-sale Information Network, after-sales service personnel have a wealth of experience in mechanical and electrical engineering and technical personnel, the quality of the feedback received by users can be processed in a timely manner.