The analysis and introduction of the equipment fault for electric chain hoist

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-04-09

Electric chain hoist in the use of the process, failure is a very normal phenomenon, mainly product quality problems, improper operation, accessories damage, various reasons are uneven. However, whatever the reason, if once found that the electric chain gourd manufacturers failure, the first need to cut off the power, the following Connaught lifting for everyone summed up some electric chain gourd fault coping skills, convenient for everyone to deal with timely.

First of all to check the electric chain hoist power supply fuse is burning, if a phase, the motor can not rotate, then the electric chain hoist motor single-phase start, starting torque is zero, should be replaced enough fuse wire.

Second, the power grid voltage is too low, the acceleration torque can not overcome the load torque, starting torque and voltage square proportional to the speed of operation, should be appropriate to improve the voltage.

Check the motor when the circuit breaker, may be the AC contactor contact bad contacts caused the line can not be connected, the use of sandpaper will touch the contact Mark Grinding, but also should first check the control equipment wiring is correct, such as at the same time to check the core suction and disconnect, there is no card resistance phenomenon, if necessary, replace the contactor. If the stator windings are grounded in short circuit, open circuit, or winding ground when appearing on the drawing line to the floor, the junction box should be checked.

The load is too large or the transmission shed is defective General Electric hoist manufacturers to match the motor power is reasonable, lifting heavy weights can not be overloaded, if the electric hoist manufacturers can not rotate, indicating gearbox and other transmission mechanisms have faults, such as the normal start of the electrical function, should check the drag mechanism, the first unloading load, clear the fault.