Suggestions on operation and maintenance of cantilever cranes by cantilever crane manufacturers

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-07-09

The main components of the cantilever crane manufactured by the cantilever crane manufacturer are the cantilever rotary drive device, the electric hoist and the trolley travel device. The cantilever is driven by the reducer to cause the brake to be cushioned to prevent the swing from occurring during the suspension. The wall-type cantilever crane is a new type of cantilever crane developed on the basis of the wall-column jib crane. It has three running rails, which are installed on the column support of the plant, and can be longitudinally moved along the track. The movable hoist can be completed along the cantilever. Lateral movement and vertical lifting. The wall-type crane has independent walking track and walks under the conventional bridge crane. It is different from the conventional work position jib crane, can serve multiple jobs at the same time, and greatly expands the working range, more effective. The use of plant space has reduced the work intensity of workers and increased productivity. It provides a suitable working area for cranes for large-span plants, and the use effect is more ideal.

The cantilever crane manufacturer has some suggestions for the operation and maintenance of the cantilever crane: 1. When lifting and transporting, ensure that the light and light operation should be smooth, and the hook should be equipped with a device that prevents the hook. 2. It is necessary to carry out timely inspection of the suspension crane wire. If the wire rope has broken rope, it needs to be replaced in time. 3. Check whether the motor brake is sensitive and whether the hook rise limit switch is sensitive. 4. The suspension boom is not lifted. Align the wire rope to prevent the wire from grooving. Pay attention to safety and prevent personal injury.