Share the structural characteristics of explosion-proof electric hoist

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-08-10

Explosion-proof electric hoist is mainly through the roll square bracket and the four-sided screw hole in different forms of the running trolley connection, thus forming a different form of explosion-proof electric hoist.

The explosion-proof electric hoist has compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance. Since the motor shaft is directly milled into the helical teeth as the first stage of the drive gear, the braking torque can be changed with the load size, thereby improving the brake performance, as required can also install a 2nd brake.

Explosion-proof electric hoist operating mechanism is also known as running trolley, according to the structure of the electric running trolley can be divided into standard building height type trolley (Ueex type), low building height type trolley (Keex type) and double beam trolley (Oeex type). Electric control device of explosion-proof electric hoist has dIBT4 and dⅱct4 two kinds of explosion-proof grade. It can control the hoisting of electric hoist, the positive and negative rotation and speed of running motor. Control voltage is 42V, equipped with total power switch, upper and lower limit and phase sequence protection circuit breaker and other security devices.