Analysis on common faults and solutions of electric hoist

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-08-21

Electric hoist is a relatively common tool, but many customers will have improper operation when they use it, which will cause many problems. Below we will briefly introduce you in the form of question and answer:

Q: The phase of the power cord is incorrectly connected, causing the phase protection to start and therefore cannot be operated.

A: Reverse the power lines of the two phases.

Q: The fuse of the power supply is blown or the fuseless switch is tripped.

A: Check that the current requirements are met, replace the appropriate fuse or restart the fuseless switch.

Q: The fuse of the control circuit is blown.

A: Check and replace the correct fuse.

Q: The wires of the power cord or control circuit are broken or not connected.

A: Repair or replace broken and poorly contacted wires.

Q: The voltage of the power supply is too low.

A: The measured voltage value is lower than 10% of the standard supply voltage.

Q: The motor makes a sound but does not rotate.

A: Check that the motor phase is correct - repair and do the insulation.

Q: The emergency switch is pressed.

A: Confirm the reason why the emergency switch is pressed.

The above is the common faults and solutions for electric hoists that I will introduce to you. I hope to help you.