Electric chain hoist manufacturers are currently the main sales model

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-06-07

Since 2011, small and medium-sized enterprises are engaged in electric hoist, manual hoist can be said to appear gradually, natural competition is increasingly fierce, at present, electric chain gourd factory face more and more serious, how enterprises should face more and more enterprises to produce cranes, but few equipment, independent production and innovation.
Many electric chain hoist factory is only a trader, no existing production equipment, we should establish the basis of modern lifting equipment, to achieve independent production and innovation.

The type of gourd is too single. Due to the limitations of technology, many manufacturers are too single to meet a variety of fields and special needs, small lifting equipment applications more and more extensive, professional requirements are increasingly strong. We want to achieve the ultimate in products, more diversified and professional.
Network Marketing is currently one of the many electric hoist plants used in the sales model. Many small factories and enterprises can not guarantee the quality and after-sales service, enterprises to strong, large, not only product quality impeccable, service in place.