Explosion-proof electric hoist manufacturers analyze its mechanical characteristics

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-07-26

The hoisting mechanism of the explosion-proof electric hoist is also called the fixed explosion-proof electric hoist. It is mainly connected to different types of running trolleys through the screw holes on the four sides of the reel square bracket, thus forming various types of explosion-proof electric hoists.

The hoisting mechanism adopts a "three-in-one" driving device to directly connect the explosion-proof cone-shaped braking motor and the speed reducer, and has a compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance. Since the motor shaft head is directly milled into the helical gear as the driving gear of the first-stage transmission, the braking torque can be changed with the load, thereby improving the braking performance, and the second brake can be installed as needed.

The operating mechanism of the explosion-proof electric hoist is called the running trolley. According to the structure of the electric running trolley, it can be divided into the standard building height type car, the low building height type car and the double beam type car. The electrical control unit of the explosion-proof electric hoist has two explosion-proof grades. It can control the lifting of the dianod9ng hoist, the forward and reverse rotation of the running motor and the fast and slow speed. The control voltage is 42V, and it is equipped with safety protection devices such as main power switch, upper and lower fiber and phase sequence protection short circuit switch.