The operation of the electric chain hoist should be rigorous

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-06-28

Rigorousness is a serious and very valuable work attitude. It describes the seriousness and prudence, meticulousness, thoughtfulness, perfection and pursuit of perfection.

Whether in the production of electric chain hoists or the use of electric chain hoists, maintaining this rigorous work attitude is very valuable and must be done.

Because the operation of the electric chain hoist itself has a lot of uncertainty and danger, if we can not maintain a strict working attitude, then many dangerous accidents will occur.

First of all, when using the electric chain hoist, it is necessary to operate within the required range in strict accordance with the instructions, and to do not overload and not to pull.

In the case of a load, do not roll up the slack load chain at once. Once the load chain is tight, stop it slowly, and slowly roll it up.

Please do not repeat the sharp rise and fall operations repeatedly. When performing the reverse operation, please perform these operations after the machine is stopped.