Application and maintenance items of electric chain hoist

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-04-17

The electric chain hoist is used for maintenance:

1, the new device or after the installation of the electric chain hoist, the first to carry out the empty commissioning several times, but before the end of the device, remember to turn on the power test.

2, before the normal use to carry out an additional 125%, lifting from the ground about 100 mm, 10 minutes of static load test, and check whether normal;

3, the dynamic load test is the extra load weight, for repeated lifting and left and right movement experiment, after the experiment to see its mechanical transmission part, electrical parts and cohesion part is normal and reliable;

4, equipment commissioning and maintenance, it is necessary to check whether the fiber is sensitive and reliable, when the hook up to the upper limit of the position, the hook shell to the drum shell interval is more than 50mm, when the hook to the limit of the position, should ensure that the wire rope safety coil, useful safety circle is more than 2 laps;

5, not allowed to press together two to make the electric hoist in the opposite direction of movement of the flashlight door button;

6, after the completion of the operation is necessary to the power supply of the general gate, intercept power;

7, in the use of the process is necessary by the special personnel timing of the electric chain hoist to view, found that the problem should be timely adoption of methods, and carefully recorded;

8, the steel wire rope to use hard brush or wooden small pieces of oil, to prevent direct use of hand to the work of the Wire rope oiling;

9, electric hoist does not work, not allowed to suspend the heavy objects in the air, to prevent permanent deformation of parts;

10, in the application process, if found fault, should immediately intercept the main power.

The above is the use of electric chain hoist and maintenance, want to know more detailed consultation, welcome to lock our official website.