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Crossover lifting platform self-protection knowledge

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-11-14

When we use the cross platform , if we do not maintain it, more or less some minor problems, although minor problems, but not only affect our homework may also be formed, so learning to lift Platform protection is usually used is essential.

1, the use of cross-lift platform about 2 months, the need to add a grease roller section;

2, Check the working status of the pin shaft of the lifting platform regularly every month, if the pin shaft fixing screw loosens, it must be tightened tightly to prevent the pin from falling to form an accident;

3, hydraulic oil should be kept clean, once every six months;

4, in the indoor and outdoor use should pay attention to the use of the outdoors when the hard ground in the geological use, to avoid the overthrow of attack, each with 20 times to adjust the chain screws, adjust a fresh-keeping rope screws, when used, can not stop Work on slopes with an inclination greater than 30 ° to prevent the elevator platform from slipping.

Lifting platform, also known as lifting freight elevator, is a multi-functional lifting handling machinery and equipment, widely used in factories, buildings, shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, airports, stadiums and so on.

Can easily access the general doorway corridor, and into the general elevator into the multi-storey operation; using two-phase or three-phase power for power, continuously variable speed, so that users of aerial work safer, more convenient, less noise. Easy to use, is the ideal ascent operating equipment.

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