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Performance characteristics and precautions of elevators

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-11-14

Elevator is a kind of lifting equipment which lifting machinery, let's take a look at his performance characteristics.

1, compact and stable, able to adapt to high-frequency continuous operation;

2, the process of rising and falling more evenly and smoothly;

3, the lifting height is relatively stable, to meet the smooth lifting of large tonnage of goods, overloading safety protection of the hydraulic system to ensure operational safety;

4, the appearance of simple, easy to use and maintain, simple and flexible;

5, the use of low noise, long life;

6, rated load, effectively improve work efficiency;

7, a wide range of optional, all-round to meet customer needs;

8, clean and pollution-free, conducive to environmental protection.

The use of lift cargo ladder Note:

1, lifting goods ladder have been tested before leaving the factory, the technical indicators have reached the design requirements, when used only connected to ground. Hydraulic, electrical system without adjustment;

2, before use to carefully check the hydraulic, electrical systems, no leakage or naked appearance before use;

3, the elevator air to run 1-3 times after the load operation;

4, the center of the goods should try to be in the center of the work surface;

5, guardrails at both ends of the door should be closed after the lock operation can be locked;

6, the user requirements for the use of hydraulic lifts are different, different forms of lift control.

I believe everyone through the characteristics of the goods lift and the use of precautions have a deeper understanding, would like to know more information, welcome to lock Novotron lifting machinery ~