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How to improve the cantilever crane cargo and safety practices

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-11-29

Cantilever crane is how to enhance the goods, we all know? In fact, it is based on the car along the cantilever under the flange movement and a chain hoist movement to achieve. The winch can be electric or manual. Lift the goods, the cantilever rod around the fixed column rotation, and then the goods below where needed, car movement and cantilever rotation of these two movements are often done by hand.

Cantilever crane routine work: mechanical service operation, assembly line, pneumatic hammer and unloading platform. Sometimes a pair of cantilever cranes, a monorail and forklift combination, is enough to transport the cargo from the unloading platform to where a bridge or lift crane can be used. The cheap cantilever crane avoids long work on a bridge crane.

Cantilever crane safety practices:

1, the operator should be trained and qualified assessment, access to qualified personnel to operate cantilever crane;

2, should be familiar with the crane structure, performance, operation method, non-overload use;

3, before using the operator to check to confirm whether the start button is stopped, the electrical, mechanical parts are safe and easy to use;

4, lifting the workpiece, you should start the empty car, empty load operation, and check the following items:

(1) Whether the button can control the lifting and running of the hoist reliably;

(2) There is no abnormal sound and smell during operation;

(3) Whether the rope can be wound correctly on the barrel.