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Electric ring chain hoist lifting height h meaning

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-11-24

  Electric ring chain hoistThe lifting height H refers to the vertical distance from the top of the crane's track, or the limit position of the ground to the pickup device. Some of the starter devices of electric hoists are allowed to be lowered to the ground or below the top of the track, and the distance they devolve is called the depth of descent. At this time, the lifting range of electric hoist is the sum of lifting height and descent depth, that is, the vertical distance between high and low working position. In the electric hoist crane actual operation, may not exceed the lifting height permitted value. Because the exceeding limit will cause the wire rope tail fixed measure which winding on the hoisting mechanism reel to overload failure, will result in the heavy fall accident occurrence.

How to adjust the electric hoist brake when using electric ring chain hoist?

Electric ring chain hoist brakes are mainly achieved through the motor, the specific adjustment of good, and then try again.

The axial channeling momentum of tapered rotor motor is generally at 1.5mm, and the braking effect is better.

The adjustment method is as follows:

Remove the tail cover, spin off the fixed adjustment nut four screws, with a spanner clockwise direction will adjust the nut to the limit position, and then counterclockwise rotation, and then install tightening screws can be.

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