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Balance hanging features of the four major functions

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-11-24

Balance hanging in many industries such as production plant or yard and other places have seen, as one of the lifting equipment, its advantage is very prominent, let's briefly talk about.

1, balance the balance of its use of balanced movement of gravity smooth, easy operation, simple and especially adapted to frequent handling, assembly of post processes, can greatly reduce the labor intensity and improve work efficiency;

2, with outage and misuse protection, when the main source of gas out of gas, self-locking device so that the balance will not work suddenly fall;

3, balance hanging make assembly convenient, accurate positioning, materials in the rated formation in three-dimensional space in suspension, the material can be manually up and down around the rotation;

4, easy to operate, simple, all the control buttons are concentrated on the control handle, the operating handle through the fixture and the workpiece couplets into one, so long as the workpiece can move the handle material;

The basic classification of balance can be divided into three categories:

1, mechanical balance crane, is a more common one, that is, the use of motor driven screw rise to lift cargo;

2, pneumatic balance crane, the main use of gas source to suck the goods, in order to achieve lifting;

3, hydraulic balance crane, the general is to compare the more significant cargo for lifting.

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