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Explosion - proof electric hoist explosion point analysis

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-12-05

There are many types of electric hoist, different types of products have different functions, the use of the area are also different. Divided by function can be divided into: explosion-proof electric hoist, electric hoist and European-style electric hoist.

Explosion-proof electric hoist is a new explosion-proof standard design and manufacture of explosion-proof lifting equipment. Explosion-proof electric hoist gourd lighter weight, small size, lifting capacity, when the factory filled with explosive mixture, under the premise of ensuring safety is to improve working conditions and improve labor productivity of the favorable tools, is the production of essential machinery equipment. Electric hoist electrical components include: lifting and running motor, control box, control buttons, stoppers, etc. are used since the flameproof equipment.

Explosion-proof electric hoist the main points include: The use of soft-cable power inductors. Explosion-proof mechanical parts to take measures to prevent electric hoist run-time friction, high-temperature impact sparks, the relevant components for processing. Raise and operate the gear unit with a suitable amount of machine oil. Drum, wire rope coated with grease. The left and right stop bars on the limit bar and the stop collar on the stoppers are made of bronze or stainless steel. Electric hoist normal working hours of the surface temperature does not exceed 110 ℃. The emergence of explosion-proof electric hoist to solve the problem of handling inconvenience in the industry when the factory has an explosive mixture. And it has its own light weight, small size, large lifting capacity, under the premise of guaranteeing its completeness has greatly improved work efficiency, is the transport of favorable tools.