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Hydraulic rail freight elevator product features

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-11-14

The birth of hydraulic rail freight elevators, greatly reducing the intensity of our work.

Hydraulic rail freight elevator features:

1, hydraulic rail freight elevator is mainly used for the transport of goods between floors at high altitude, the use of bypass cylinders, smooth operation, low noise, easy maintenance, longer service life;

2, when the power outage can also use the manual emergency decline, safe and convenient, quick to use;

3, suitable for 2-3 floors steel or concrete plant, both inside and outside can be used;

4, Cylinder and seal the use of advanced components, to solve customer pressure instability, parts leakage problems;

5, built-in fuel tank platform;

6, the process of automatic preservation to ensure the safety of vehicles, synchronization devices to ensure that the vehicle may not overturn possible;

7, chain or wire rope rupture protection device;

8, hydraulic system decompression explosion-proof fault protection device;

9, use the elevator dedicated flat-layer permanent magnet switch, leveling effect is good;

10, the distance between heavy load and no load is small, leveling accuracy, easy to adjust;

11, the selection of standard elevator control panel, LCD display call boxes, related wiring harness and connectors. Beautiful appearance, easy operation, visual display of the floor where the car, wiring harness connector, control with automatic and manual control;

12,24 V safe control voltage;

13, the choice of rolling guide shoes, high precision, anti-wear, smooth movements.

The above is the hydraulic rail freight elevator all the contents, and would like to know more detailed advice, welcome to lock our Novo Wei lifting machinery official website.