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Cantilever crane is a work intensity of light equipment

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-11-14

Cantilever crane is a lighter working intensity equipment, lifting in the cantilever, it is mainly composed of electric hoist and drive combinations, etc., while hanging when used in suspension, with a rolling bearing special engineering plastic to go round , Walking faster, but less friction, in addition to the structure of the cantilever crane is simple, smaller plastic wheels to go round, it is particularly conducive to improving the formation of the hook.

Cantilever crane in the use of the process, in order to avoid the occurrence of dangerous accidents, pay attention to the occurrence of risk factors.

Lifting material complex As the object of the cantilever lifting operation of a wide range of materials, granular, and pieces, liquid, metal or non-metallic, magnetic or non-magnetic, there is zero freezing temperature or up to Celsius Temperature over a thousand degrees, as well as flammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous goods, so the lifting process is also very complicated.

Cantilever hanging materials used steel pipe, I-beam, iron, channel and so on. Different specifications of the suspension cantilever its price is different, which is mainly reflected in the material, affected by the socio-economic, steel also have greater volatility.

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