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Hydraulic rail freight elevator hoistway ladder and the difference?

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-12-14

Many users in the choice of hydraulic rail freight elevators will have such a doubt when the electric hoist is good or hydraulic? Here we will analyze in detail the advantages of these two devices word.

Working principle: The freight elevator is divided into the hydraulic guide rail freight elevator and the electric hoist freight elevator according to the driving source of the elevator.

1, hydraulic rail freight elevator is mainly the use of hydraulic power unit, with hydraulic cylinders as the main power-driven movements of freight elevators rise and fall. Hydraulic rail goods Ladder ah failure to immediately stop running, safety, high stability, hydraulic power unit to drive its carrying capacity, enabling the transport of large tonnage of goods;

2, electric hoist freight elevator is pulled through the number of wire rope to achieve lift lift movements, such freight elevators often lead to lifting rope ladder platform tilt, stability, poor security, limited ability to pull the wire rope, It can only be used for the transportation of small tonnage goods. Therefore, the steel wire rope freight elevator is replaced by the hydraulic rail lifting cargo elevator more and more.

Safety factors: If you can not consider the safety factor, electric hoist must be a simple lifting machinery, construction or general temporary for the lifting of the factory operations, the lifting capacity of limited service life, how can and long-term professional hydraulic freight elevator phase ratio? Professional freight elevator equipment overload operation has a malfunction, or even emergency facilities accident, which you consider it?

Price factors: electric hoist freight elevator and hydraulic rail freight compared to the words, certainly cheaper electric hoist.

Tips: When choosing freight elevators, we must not only value the price is cheaper, should be considered in the long run, and some equipment is also cheaper expensive expensive, hydraulic rail freight elevator maintenance is very low, not even more importantly, safety The problem, so we must consider good, in the end which cost-effective!