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Simple Analysis of Simple Suspension Crane Design Structure

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2017-12-25

The main girder of the simple cantilever crane is mostly the derailment box frame layout. Compared with the double girder gantry crane, the simple cantilever crane provides favorable conditions for the application of the overhead traveling crane system.

First of all, responsible for the assembly of diesel locomotive diesel locomotive tensional repair 32-ton overhead traveling crane and hook lifting system rectangular frequency conversion reform, the lifting characteristics of the indicator is characterized by lifting torque, the sign on the calibration Value is a larger lifting capacity.

Use hand chain hoist or electric hoist coupled with a light car as a lifting truck, super-cantilever crane. In the foot to configure the use of conditions and meet the span of the series of standards, learning suspension cantilever drawings.

A place where there is less demand for speed and productivity. Manual single-girder overhead crane to accept the manual monorail car as a running car, hand-pulled. Heavy objects can be lifted in a positive cylindrical space and handling. Boom cranes are often shipped (moving) on ​​vehicles or in other situations.

To lift heavy hoist. The small frame is a frame for supporting and placing components such as a lifting machine, a trolley mechanism, and the like. The frame is composed of a main beam and an end beam, and is composed of a shallow cantilever crane. The same as the main girder to accept a single I-beam, boom crane. That is, one motor drives the long drive shaft to drive the active wheels on both sides; the other type drives separately, that is, one motor drive on each side of the active wheels. Shallow. Medium and small bridge cranes more accepted brake, reducer and motor into one "three in one" drive essentials, lifting trolley in the upper chord or lower chord rail track. Shallow cantilever hanging. Some car has a revolving arm.