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Double beam hook What happens should be scrapped treatment

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-01-23

Double-beam hook is a common sling, the hook is often used in the pulley block and other parts hanging on the lifting mechanism of the wire rope. Hook according to the shape can be divided into single hook and double ditch, according to the manufacturing method can be divided into forged hooks and stacked hook.

Double-beam hook making relatively simple, easy to use, but the force is not very good, mostly used in the starting weight of less than 80 tons of work; When the weight is large, the symmetrical double crochet is often used. Laminated hook is made up of several pieces of steel plate formed by riveting, the individual plate cracks when the entire hook will not be damaged, safe, but more weight, mostly used in large lifting weight or hanging steel drums crane. Hook in the operating process is often affected by the use of good toughness of high-quality carbon steel manufacturing.

Double-beam hook classification is more extensive, generally include: Shackle, rings, rings, pear-shaped ring, long rings, combined rings, S hook, Nose hook, American hook, claw hook, eye-shaped hook, with safety card rings screws, chain shackle, with unique, novel, high quality, safe features, is widely used in factories, mines, oil, Chemical and ship terminals. Ensure safety, quality safety factor, static load up to 3 times times. Starting weight from 5 tons ~550 ton.

Double Beam hook scrap situation we have to timely treatment, the following circumstances should be scrapped:

1. Crack;

2, the opening degree than the original size increased by 15%;

3, dangerous section wear up to the original size of 10%;

4, the Board hook liner wear up to the original size of 50%, should be discarded bushing;

5. Dangerous section or hook neck produces plastic deformation.

When we use any product, we should pay attention to the safe use, this is our common wish.