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Several common electric drive modes of electric flat car

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-01-19

  Electric Flat carWith a different electrical drive plan, each electrical drive plan will have a different effect:

Inverter + Asynchronous motor, this plan in the motor at low speed power sharply reduced, motor start torque small, starting current, the overall power is low, low-speed motor can not be stable operation. In order to improve the start-up function of the vehicle, low motor power, battery, inverter capacity, low cost, high application costs, will soon be screened. Usually to launch the request to select the motor, motor power storage large, forming a "big horse cart" appearance.

Brushless DC System-Special rectifier module + DC brushless motor. According to the power of the normal operation of the selection of motor, do not demand power storage, a better solution to the "Big horse cart" question, can reduce the capacity of the battery, saving the cost of equipment input, progress of the system's operating efficiency. Low starting current, brushless DC motor starting torque, small size, high power, brushless structure, power, good protection function, stepless speed regulation, high performance, can extend the length of the motor, drop the whole vehicle components, improve the battery of the driving distance, reduce the cost.

DC has brush power. Brushless DC motor Motor Power Low, the use of battery capacity tatsu, motor volume, explosion-proof difficult, will gradually fade out of the mall. There is a brush DC motor due to the existence of a set of electric ring brush structure, in the motor running sparks, especially at high speed will occur severe ring fire, radio trouble, to time more charcoal brush. Motor is not suitable for flammable and explosive, open-air, dusty, humid, muddy occasions. Electric flat car because of the need to replace the Haiplo filter, the motor can only use the open type of protection, motor cooling to enter the motor inside.

asynchronous motor, because the motor Wei Zhijie or y/d to start, the starting current is equal to (4-7) times the extra current, this will be a severe impact on the kpx battery, or the formation of the KPD orbital pressure drop too high, together with the big current and stir when the car safe operation extremely unlucky.

The above is a few electric drive plans have different, so to select the installation and electric drive flat car plan.