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Analysis of structural performance of explosion-proof electric hoist

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-01-10

  Explosion-proof Electric hoistis strictly in accordance with the relevant explosion-proof standards for the design and manufacture of a new explosion-proof lifting equipment, in the explosion-proof electric hoist, its performance is very stable, and explosion-proof electric hoist shell is mainly made of a special flame-free material, so the explosion-proof performance is very good, Need to undergo a rigorous examination of the mechanical department after qualified to be put into the market. At the same time in the explosion-proof electric hoist, its structure is simple, and by the hoisting mechanism, explosion-proof electrical control devices and operating mechanisms, such as the combination of the joint.

Explosion-proof electric hoist lifting mechanism is also known as fixed explosion-proof electric hoist. Through the cylinder square bracket four sides of the screw hole can be separated from the different forms of the operation of the car to form a variety of different forms of explosion-proof electric hoist. The hoisting mechanism adopts the "triple" drive device, which makes the explosion-proof conical braking motor directly connected with the reducer, the structure is compact, and the installation and maintenance are very convenient. Because the motor shaft head directly milling into oblique teeth as the first transmission of the active gear, the braking torque can be changed with the load size, thereby improving the brake performance, as required, can also install the 2nd brake.

The above is the Norway machinery for you to introduce the explosion-proof electric hoist performance characteristics, hope to be able to help everyone, welcome customers who need to leave a message to us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!