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What if there is a rift in the balance hanging body?

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-02-06

Long time in the engineering line of technical personnel on the balance hanging must be not unfamiliar, cranes as a large lifting equipment, bearing heavy weight of the material transport, is a project, construction is not or lack of one of the equipment, cranes as such an important equipment, its operation and maintenance of natural is our usual work of the most important, Then we sometimes face some difficult problems, such as the crane's fuselage cracks should do? Here are a small series to advise you.

Balance HoistThere are cracks in the body, at this time for the crane to achieve long-term use of the goal, we first look at the factors affecting it.

Wind effect. Cranes are likely to operate in the open air, the overall sun and rain, coupled with the role of wind force in which the crane in the process of a certain wind block. Once the wind is too large, the crane side of the operation also to resist the role of wind, the load will be heavier, beyond the mechanical bearing capacity, and then strong machinery will have a moment of shaking, once overloaded mechanical fuselage may appear cracks and cracks.

Cracks may be at the time of manufacture because the design is not forward-looking, not taking into account the mechanical durability is also needed to prevent. The size of the crane can be strengthened to reduce the damage to the main girder of the balance crane.

Improper installation of the balance crane can also cause long time corrosion and damage. So in the installation of the time and the usual inspection should also be paid attention to, mechanical maintenance concerns can not be missing. Because of the long time use of bridge crane, will be subjected to different degrees of corrosion, if the impact of a certain force, the cracks will appear. So in the examination of the time to pay attention to add lubricating oil, reduce friction, delay the service life of cranes.