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Technical requirements for double-beam hooks

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-01-31

Double-beam hook is a common lifting equipment, hooks are often used in the pulley block and other parts hanging on the lifting mechanism of the wire rope.

Double-beam hooks are generally used in factories, petroleum, mining, chemical and ship terminals. To ensure safety, quality safety factor, static load to achieve3 times times, starting weight from 5 tons ~150 tons.

Technical Requirements:

1, the purchase of the hook should be factory certification and other technical documents can be used, important departments to purchase hooks such as: railways, ports and so on, the hook factory needs strict inspection;

2, hook must not affect the safety of the use of the performance of defects, hook defects can not be welded, hook surface should be smooth, no cracks, folds, sharp corners, burrs, stripping, over burning defects;

3, can be in the hook openings very short distance at the selection of two suitable location printing is not easy to wear signs, measuring the distance of the mark, as the use of detection of the opening of the basis for changes.

4, the hook material may choose 20 high-quality carbon steel or the hook special material dg20mn, Dg34crmo and so on forging makes, is forbidden to use the casting hook. The material of the board hook generally applies A3, C3 ordinary carbon steel, or 16Mn low-alloy steel;

5. The longitudinal axis of the plate hook and hook piece must be located in the rolling direction of the steel plate, and the hook piece is not allowed to splice;

6, the board hook and Hook piece application countersunk head rivet riveting, and in the plate hook and lifting material hanging point contact with high stress bending parts shall not be used rivet connection;

7, the board hook laminated between the full closed welding, allowing only intermittent welding;

8. The hook which has carried out overload test should be treated as scrap.

The above is the use of double beam hook technical requirements, want to know more detailed consultation, welcome to inquire.