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Lifting measures for maintenance and inspection work efficiency of cantilever crane

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-02-09

Cantilever craneAdaptability, more flexible operation, it is a high-speed automated production line is particularly worthy of the independent emergency upgrade equipment, with it, you can ensure that the production line is usually smooth. On the control of inverter, it is divided into open loop and closed loop two control forms, the user can choose according to the situation.

Suspension Suspension Bridge can check and repair trailer, trailer, bracket, cantilever beam, telescopic cantilever vertical beam, etc., the stack can be rotated to the vertical beam working platform and transmission mechanism. Towing tail lamps and braking mechanism on the tractor can reduce the tractor of working part to carry on the long-distance traction transportation on the road surface, make the bridge inspect and repair equipment dispatch flexibly, need not carry on the bridge to demolish and debug the spot. Can be put into use on site, greatly improve the efficiency of bridge overhaul, but also has a compact structure, fast stacking, safe operation, can better adapt to the characteristics of different work places.

The frequency conversion speed regulation electronic equipment of cantilever crane can be programmed and optional power line switch, it consists of line contactor, auxiliary switch, auxiliary relay, etc. Cantilever Crane safety Protection device Check overload protection device for overload protection device sensitive and reliable, meet the requirements of transformation, hydraulic overload protection device can start pressure, mechanical, electrical and comprehensive overload protector alarm, cut off the whole point of the set value of the error meet the requirements. The electric system and control circuit of the cantilever crane are divided into the power supply, the whole Vehicle control box (trolley), the limit position switch, the electric hoist control box, the upper and lower limit switch, the Operation button, the motor, the control speed resistance, the remote device and other units or nodes according to its position. Use a dedicated connector between each control unit or node to connect to the cable, the independent connection equipment and the cable connection all adopt the solid reliable connection form, and in the independent connection equipment and the cable connection point cavity becomes the special insulating material, causes the curing special connection installment and the cable to form a whole, handles the connection reliability and prevents the vibration question; Through the independent connection device type, the entire cantilever hoisting electric system (except the line which needs to be replaced when debugging), all connector's end face is standard the wired number, the cantilever suspension circuit installs in the factory completes;

The advantage of this is that it can provide a standard interface for all electrical units, make the electrical system fast, reliable and accurate fast connection, without the need for special electrical technicians to achieve electrical wiring installation and replacement, to a large extent, save the cantilever electrical installation costs, circuit replacement time and technical human resources. It is as simple as using a household appliance to install and replace a cantilever boom.