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What are the accessories of the electric chain hoist?

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-02-26

With the development of lifting industry,Electric ring chain hoistAlso emerged. If there is no electric chain hoist, a lot of goods can not be transported, then for electric chain hoist accessories You know how much?

1. Guide Rope Device: The guide rope is an important stretching device in the operation of electric chain hoist, and the guide rope used by electric chain hoist is ring-type, which can not rotate in the body operation, mainly through the continuous winding of wire rope, thus driving the movement of Spiral groove;

2, Gear: In the electric chain hoist, gear is more important accessories equipment, if there is no rotation of the gear, the crane will not rotate, can be said to be another important "driving equipment", although the gear is small, but the role is very large, so the production of a high-precision grinding process to reduce the gear rotation in the process of resistance;

3, Motor: electric ring chain hoist used by the motor is not common motor, this is a brake-type conical motor, in the motor operation, the internal equipment will not have any additional movement, this will make the body produced resistance is very low, almost will not affect the body's operation.

Electric chain hoist The use of a very wide range, but really understand the electric chain hoist staff is not much, here suggest that we must have a lot of understanding of electric chain hoist, this will not only extend the life of electric chain hoist, but also reduce the occurrence of accidents.