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The common problems of the balance hanging air road system

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-03-20

  Balance HoistThere are many internal systems, the general user often use the problem is the gas system, the following we on the balance of the hanging road system of common problems, make a simple answer.

Q: Why not use two large flow of pressure reducing valve access to a reversing valves, from the reversing valve through the cylinder?

A: To meet the aerodynamic balance of the air pressure relief valve system must be large flow, large exhaust, high-precision, if the use of two such valves will greatly increase the cost of their use.

The use of a stoma valve to meet these conditions plus two pilot valves can reduce costs, because the pilot valve can be small flow, the cost is lower.

Q: Why use two pilot pressure reducing valve to control a gas-controlled pressure relief valves, instead of using only a large flow of pressure reducer directly to the cylinder gas supply?

A: If you use a manually adjusted pressure reducing valve to the cylinder gas supply, valve pressure can only achieve a balance, unable to switch back and forth between the two balance points.

Q: Why should there be heavy load balance and no-load balance to switch back and forth?

A: The two balances are corresponding to the situation of heavy and no heavy objects, when the weight is placed on the support (such as the cart), you should use the reversing valve switch to no-load balance to remove the hook.

In the no-load balance of the state move the hook to hang another weight, after the hook in the switch to heavy load balance, so use the pneumatic balance hanging back and forth to carry unloading load need to switch two balance.