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Mechanism characteristics of explosion-proof electric hoist

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-04-20

The hoisting mechanism of the explosion-proof electric hoist is also called the fixed explosion-proof electric hoist. Mainly through the screw holes on the four sides of the reel square bracket can be connected with different types of running cars to form various types of explosion-proof electric hoists.

The explosion-proof electric hoist lifting mechanism adopts a “three-in-one” driving device, which makes the explosion-proof cone braking point directly connected to the reducer in winter, which can change the braking torque with the load, thereby improving the braking performance. A second brake can also be installed as needed.

The operating mechanism of the explosion-proof electric hoist is also called the running trolley. According to the structure of the electric running trolley, it can be divided into the standard building height type car, the ground building height type car and the double beam car.

The explosion-proof electric hoist is a type of electric hoist that can be used in special occasions. In the explosion-proof electric hoist, it has three levels and the driver's explosion-proof points, and has different application ranges for different explosion-proof grades. At the same time, the outer casing and various components of the explosion-proof electric hoist are designed with special materials.

Explosion-proof electric hoist reducer uses standard modulus cylindrical gear for easy maintenance. The explosion-proof electric hoist consists of several parts that can be disassembled separately. It is very convenient to use, maintain and repair, and can shorten the maintenance period. And its explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof control box is a separate flameproof structure. Control buttons, limit switches, and explosion-proof lifting weight limiters meet the relevant explosion-proof requirements. In the process of using the explosion-proof electric hoist, its components are highly versatile and highly interchangeable.