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Electric chain hoist manufacturers share their faults and inspections

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-07-31

Electric chain hoist is the main equipment for transportation. Various factors will directly affect the age and working efficiency of the electric chain hoist. Therefore, we must blame each other for normal maintenance.

Electric chain hoist is a device that we can't discard in our lives. When we use it normally, it will cause damage to the electric chain hoist for various reasons. For this reason, we should improve the reliability and safety factor of the electric chain hoist.

According to the inspection situation of the electric chain hoist, the maintenance work of the electric chain hoist should be replaced and repaired in time, and the maintenance should be meticulous.

Electric chain hoist personnel must operate in strict accordance with the operating specifications, so as to ensure the reliability of the electric chain hoist can be guaranteed, reducing errors and errors.

After each maintenance, the maintenance personnel shall establish the next protection system for the electric chain hoist and implement the safety protection responsibility to the personnel. Promote maintenance personnel and operators to take responsibility for their duties.