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Teach us how to test explosion-proof electric hoist

Edit:Henan Linuo hoisting Machinery Co., LtdUpDate:2018-08-22

Nowadays in China's hoisting equipment production industry, explosion-proof electric hoist is the type of light and small lifting products, it has small size, light weight, high strength, the right price and other advantages, particularly suitable for low construction height and small space in the professional situation of lifting and handling homework. The common way to check the hoisting function of the ring hoist is the quality block loading method, which contains both stable and dynamic loading processes.

When the explosion-proof electric hoist does not increase, for the measured product plus 1.5 times times the rated weight of the quality of the block, still a few minutes to determine the stability of its function. In the explosion-proof electric hoist when the measured product from the rated starting weight, slowly participate in the quality of the block directly see explosion-proof electric hoist chain slip, note the pressure at this time and displacement point, you can be tested for this explosion-proof electric hoist limit point This process is dynamic loading.

The stable load of explosion-proof electric hoist is effective, but it is not suitable for its dynamic loading, this is because the quality block loading belongs to the level of loading, the reason of greater negligence.