Four-rope pie grab Grab

Four-rope pie grab Grab
Four-rope pie grab Grab

Four-rope faction to grab the new shape, reasonable structure, grab material weight and the ratio of the grab bucket to 1.5-1.92, full degree of 95%-100% is a small strength loose no ideal grip.

Compared with the conventional four-rope grab, the following features are more common:

1. The lower bearing beam structure is shortened, the strength is good, the weight is light;

2. Prolong the service life by 4-5 times;

3, blade plate using special wear-resistant plate, enhanced impact and friction;

4, the pulley on the use of multi-layer sealing technology, dustproof Waterproof can be underwater operation, blade plate Typhoon clearance small, can reach 0.3mm;

5, the overall structure do not shape good mouth, this type of grab can be designed as a double rope.